VFW Riders Group Forming

Looking to join a group that not only enjoys riding but helping support our brother veterans? Are you interested in starting and joining the new South Denver Post 2461 VFW Riders Group?

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Motorcycle Riders Group is a motorcycle group made up of members in good standing of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), VFW Auxiliary and invited participants who enjoy the pastime of motorcycling.


  • To promote and support the programs of the Veteran of Foreign Wars.
  • To promote motorcycle safety programs.
  • To provide a social atmosphere for VFW members who share the same interest.


All VFWRG members shall be members in good standing with either the Veterans of Foreign Wars or one of its nationally recognized auxiliaries. Each must be the legally registered owner of a properly insured motorcycle and must possess a valid motorcycle driver’s license in their state of residence (military equivalents acceptable as well) or a rider thereto.

Logos, Apparel and Patches:

The use of the VFW logos and VFW trademarks are protected under Sections 803 and 805 of the National By-Laws and Manual of Procedure.

Each VFWRG may adopt a one-piece back patch or other apparel that will promote its group in a safe and respectable manner. The patch(s) may use the member’s appropriate logo (i.e. VFW Member wears VFW logo; auxiliary member wears the appropriate auxiliary logo. All articles of clothing worn by “Supporting Riders” using any logo or trademark, when authorized by the VFW, shall contain the word(s) “I support” or “Supporter”.), Post affiliation or be of creative design. In all instances, the design shall be subject to the approval of the Department having jurisdiction and that of the Commander-in-Chief, with the authority to manufacture in accordance with Section 803 of the Manual of Procedure. Under no circumstance shall a VFWRG adopt a three-piece patch; the use of “rockers” is deemed unacceptable.

It is strongly recommended that members dress in a manner that promotes a positive image for The Veteran of Foreign Wars, particularly when operating in group activities or interacting with the community. No VFWRG shall allow the use of patches or apparel using offensive language in conjunction with any patch or apparel using any VFW logo or trademark.

If you are interested please email 2461@gmail.com. We will collect names and conduct an initial meeting in March or April.

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