Veteran Services Center


Bill Daniels Veteran Service Center/VA CRRC

1247 Santa Fe Dr., Denver, CO 80204 ——————————————————————————————————–Front Desk: 720-501-3367

Cafe, Computer Lab & Food Bank available Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
6:30-12:00 Showers* 6:30-12:00 Showers* 6:30-12:00 Showers* 6:30-12:00 Showers* 6:30-12:00 Showers*
7:30-11:00 Walk-In Housing 7:30-11:00 Walk-In Housing 7:15-11:00 Walk-In Housing 7:30-11:00 Walk-In Housing 8:00-3:00 CDLE
8:00-10:00 VOA-SSVF 8:00-3:00 CDLE 8:00-3:00 CDLE 7:00-3:00 VBA Rep 8:00-10:00 VOS-SSVF
8:00-3:00 CDLE 8:00-2:00 DHS Vet Services 8:00-2:00 CO-DMVA VSO 8:00-3:00 CDLE 9:00-3:00 RMHS-SSVF
8:00-2:00 DHS Vet Services 8:00-10:00 VOS-SSVF 8:00-2:00 DHS Vet Services 8:00-10:00 VOS-SSVF 1:00-3:00 HVRP
9:00-11:00 CEC Walk-In 9:00-12:00 Upward Bound 8:00-10:00 VOS-SSVF 1:00-3:30 VOS-SSVF 1:00-3:30 VOS-SSVF
1:00-3:30 VOA-SSVF 12:00-2:00 **Collar Legal 12:00-3:30 SNAP**
1:00-3:00 HVRP Clinic/Community Lunch (free) 1:00-3:30 VOS-SSVF
12:00-3:00 RMHS-SSVF 1:00-3:30 VOS-SSVF

Shower*: Times may vary based on building schedule

HVRP: Veterans Rep. available to meet about employment options

CEC (Community Employment Coordinator): Employment & Training Referrals/Resources

SSVE VOA/RMHS: Permanent housing program for Veterans experiencing homelessness

Walk-In Housing (VA/GPD Transitional Living): Social Workers available to asses eligible veterans for appropriate housing options

VBA Rep: File or check on status for service-connected claim or pension

CDLE: Colorado Department of Labor and Employment Representative; facilitate intensive services to disabled veterans with employment barriers

CO-DMVA: Colorado Department of Military and Veterans Affairs VSO; files VA disability claims/appeals; call ahead for walk-in availability

Denver County Veteran Services (DHS Vet Services): Provide assessment and referrals to partner agencies to meet a wide array of veteran needs

CoBar: CO Bar Association – Colorado Lawyers for Colorado Veterans Legal Clinic: Chance to discuss legal situations with Colorado lawyers

Veterans Advocacy Project (DU LAW): Works on military discharge upgrades and benefits; Schedule varies week to week – see front desk staff


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