VFW membership is approximately 2.3 million strong. In addition to seven U.S. Presidents, VFW has a long history of members representing all walks of life. As one might expect with such a large base, VFW members represent a cross-section of the American people. From 100 year old WWII veterans to 20 year old active duty troops, VFW welcomes every qualified veteran into its ranks.

There are approximately 8,400 Posts located across the US, Europe, Asia and other overseas spots.

Annual dues average $35. But for those of you interested in saving money, VFW offers life memberships. More than 1 million members have chosen this option. Life members never receive dues reminders and their subscriptions to VFW magazine never expire. Other benefits of life membership include a patch for VFW caps, a lapel pin and a special card. It pays to be a life member.

What VFW Members do:

  • Community Service
  • Legislation and Remembrance
  • Youth Activities
  • Overseas Troop Support
  • VA Liaison

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