Officers & Leadership

Post Officers Auxiliary Officers
Commander – Gary Edington President – Gary Tieken
Sr. Vice Commander – Lee Pinger Sr. Vice President – David Pine
Jr. Vice Commander – Greg Curran Jr. Vice President – Karen Teiken
Quartermaster – Mike Clem & Tony Beckman Secretary – Kathleen Hayes
Chaplain – Michael Schaefer Treasurer – Sandy Newsom-Kain
Judge Advocate – Open Chaplain –
Surgeon – Open Trustee – Sandra Pinger
1 Year Trustee – Matthew Dixon Moran Trustee – Rodney Sidener
2 Year Trustee – Gary Meyers Hospital – Open
3 Year Trustee – Martin Lally Americanism/Patriotic Instructor – Open
Adjutant – Tony Beckman  
Service Officer – Mike Clem  
House Commitee/Home Board  
President – Tony Beckman  
Gary Edington  
Mike Clem  
Lee Pinger  
Gary Tieken  


1. Duty of the Commander

  • Preside at all meetings.
  • Observe the laws and usage of the VFW;
  • Ensure Post business and activities conducted  so as not to violate  any laws or regulations;
  • Appoint officers and Committee Chairmen to serve at his pleasure;
  • Approve all funds disbursed and countersign with QM Post checks;
  • Assure QM bonded and that all dues be paid to District, Department and National along with accurate reporting;
  • Assure all activities as required by the VFW are promptly reported;
  • Encourage all eligible veterans join and maintain membership;
  • Attend all properly called District, and Department meetings;
  • Comply with and perform all duties required by VFW by-laws and rituals pertaining to the duties and obligations of the Post Commander.
  • Failure without just cause could result in removal from office.

2. Duty of the Senior Vice Commander (SVC)

  • Preside at meetings in absence of Commander;
  • Understudy and assist the Commander in the performance of his duties;
  • Chair the Membership Committee.

3. Duty of Junior Vice Commander (JVC)

  • Preside at meetings in absence of Commander and SVC;
  • Understudy and assist the Commander  in the performance of his duties;
  • Chair the Activities and Awards Committees.

4. Duty of Quartermaster (QM)

  • Receive and hold all monies and other properties of the Post;
  • Pay out monies only after properly authorized by minutes of Post meetings;
  • Ensure position is properly bonded;
  • Collect all monies due Post and give receipts, notify all members in arrears and collect dues;
  • Credit National, Department and District per capita dues funds;
  • Transmit dues payable to Department and National in a timely manner;
  • Maintain a dues reserve fund of half all member dues  paid annually, to be credited to General Fund annually in July;
  • Maintain a Relief Fund and other funds as may be approved by Post meetings;
  • Maintain the books and records at all times in a neat and efficient manner and be ready for inspection;
  • To serve as Treasurer of all Post Committees;
  • To keep all books and post records at the Post facility.

5. Duty of Adjutant

  • At the direction of the Commander prepare all reports as required;
  • Attest by his signature and the seal of the Post all official actions of the Post;
  • Keep the following books or files properly prepared:
           1. By-Laws, Ritual and Manual of Procedure of National, Department, District and Post;
           2. The original application of every member  admitted to the Post;
           3. Record of the proceedings of each meeting of the Post after correction and approval by the membership;
           4. A file of all orders or circulars issued by the C in C, National Council of Administration,  Department, District and Post Commander;
           5. A correspondence file;
           6. Proof of eligibility file for all Post officers;
           7. A role of departed comrades.
  • All books and records should be kept at the Post facility.

6. Duty of Chaplain

  • Visit the sick and shut-in Post members and report on same;
  • Organize and lead all Post and ceremonial prayers;
  • Organize and lead all Burial and Memorial services.

7. Duty of Judge Advocate

  • Provide Commander interpretation of By-Laws, Manual of Procedures and Ritual;
  • Interpretation of local laws as applicable to Post operations.

8. Duty of Surgeon

  • Promote health programs for the benefit of the Post and the community;
  • Maintain an up-to-date file of prevailing health issues.

9. Duty of Trustee

  • Quarterly audit the QM books and records and report to the membership the results;
  • Prepare quarterly Trustee audit report to submit through the Commander to the Department Quartermaster for
    referral to the Department Inspector;
  • Verify all expenditures of the Post for correctness and accuracy;
  • Audit all committees having receipt or expenditure of Post funds.

10. Duty of the Officer of the Day

  • Custodian of the Post colors, altar flag, Bible, ballot box, gavel and other property for Post meetings;                       
  • Inspect member dues cards at beginning of each meeting;
  • Make Post property available at opening of meeting and retrieve at close of meeting;
  • Control balloting when ballots are cast.

11. Duty of Sgt of the Guard

  • Allow no one to enter Post meeting without a current dues receipt or life member card;
  • Notify the Officer of the Day of the presence of all distinguished guests.

12. Duty of the Service Officer

  • To assist members of the Post, their widows and orphans and other worthy cases brought forward in obtaining rightful benefits from federal and state governments;
  • Preparation of the proper forms and assembling the evidence required in connection  therewith;
  • Work shall be performed in accordance with VFW Guide for Post Service Officers with supervision from  the Department Service Officer.

Committee Chairman

  • A committee chairman will work diligently to the accomplish the programs assigned by the Post Commander;
  • A committee chairman will select volunteers to assist in completing the assigned task in the time allotted;
  • A committee chairman will make regular reports to the membership on progress of the committee.
  • A committee chairman will select volunteers in adequate numbers to complete the assigned task within the time allotted.
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