Thursday night is set aside for our weekly dart tournament. All it cost is $5 to enter and a set of steel tip darts. It’s easy and fun to play. You are randomly paired with another player and we play a basic version of Cricket in a double elimination that is easy and fun. The object is to hit the numbers from 15-20 and the bulls eye three times each, which in turn “closes” that number out. The team that closes all the required numbers and bulls eye first wins and moves on. If you lose two games you are out.

How to Play:

Player 1 begins by throwing 3 darts at the number of  choice (15-20/bulls eye), every time one of the numbers is hit, one mark is put up by that number. If you throw a double it is worth 2 marks, a triple is worth 3. After player 1 throws 3 darts, player 2 would then take their turn throwing 3 darts and so on. Once a team has 3 marks on a number it is closed out. The strategy is to close out all your numbers first to win.

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