Bar Bingo

Join us for the Best Bar Bingo in town on Wednesday Nights starting at 7pm. We play 6 games – cards are $1 each – with a final blackout progressive jackpot that increases by 20% each game based on what is paid in from each of the previous games. If not won a 50% consolation prize, of what is brought in for the Blackout game, is paid out for the winning prize after 55 calls. Of course, the more players we have and the more you play, the more we pay.

 Proceeds from our Bingo Operations are used to support Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 2461 and veterans in need.

VFW Post 2461 Bingo House Rules:

1. Six games will be played on each occasion.

2. All games will payback 50% of sales.

3. Payout is determined by cards sold per game. Prize amounts will be announced before, or soon after the start of each game.

4. Multiple winners will divide prize money evenly, rounded up to nearest dollar.

5. A minimum of 10 players is required before the bingo session can begin. Bingo Caller will wait for 15 minutes after scheduled start time of game to reach minimum number of players before cancelling session.

6. No cards may be purchased after the first number has been called.

7. It is the players’ responsibility to gain the attention of the caller to stop the game when bingo has been achieved.

8. Bingo daubers must be used on all bingo paper.

9. When bingo is called both the caller and a neutral player will verify the winners numbers.

10. No refunds or exchanges on bingo paper. All transactions are cash only.

11. Bingo sheets must be used for the game purchased. Sheets cannot be used for future games.

12. In order to participate in the final Black Out progressive game, the previous 2 games must be played.

13. No one under the age of 18 may play bingo without an adult present at all times. Only an adult may call bingo.

14. Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for abusive language or other disruptive behavior. No refunds will be given.

15. All management decisions are final.

16. Bingo may be canceled by the Bingo Manager due to inclement weather, special events, or other unforeseen circumstances.

ATM Machine is available

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